First, thanks for your time!

I am Lindsey Prince. I have been using a camera since I was very young. My aspiration was to be an artist, a painter to be specific. A lack of discipline and life's events shelved that goal. But, photography stuck with me.

I became involved with the retailing of camera equipment and photofinishing to help pay rent. I was somewhat successful and, as it turned out, actually enjoyed many years in the retail space. That path offered a way to get a hands-on learning experience with some of the best equipment available from half-frame to 8x10 view cameras. I also had a natural curiosity about the darkroom and it's part in the creation of the image and built several labs.

Along the way, I met many great photographers and technicians that influenced my own shooting. I enjoyed and absorbed the learning experiences.

Many aspects of the practice of photography have changed over the years. Photography, in the days of film, was a more deliberate medium. It required a bit more contemplation and commitment  to the  instant of shutter release. The only available preview of the results were generated and lodged in the photographer's mind until the film completed the process of chemical development and realization.

Times have changed. Burst mode, the LCD screen, the ability to shoot hundreds and even thousands of images quickly have supplanted the longer wait for traditional film processing.  The result of the shoot is now instantaneous as is feedback. In some ways, it has stolen some of the magic of photography. At the same time, it is as it has always been; the recognition of the light and the dark; the desire to memorialize a given beauty or moment or emotion or comment.

I have no particular favorite genre or field of photography but enjoy all aspects of the medium. I love detailed images as well as vague and experimental excursions and everything in between.

The "P" Series and "K" Series of images are probably the most non-photographic looking pieces I have produced. But, they involved exposure and processing within the photographic lexicon.

The originals for both began with Polaroid and Kodak Instant film that was exposed and then taken into a darkroom and processed by partial developer release and then mashing, skimming and striking the film while the developer was active. The resultant "images" were then scanned at a very high resolution to produce the final prints.

I will always be amazed by light. I witness the beauty of it's revelations every day. But, light   also exposes the deepest flaws of the earth, of ourselves and our endeavors. It can hide and it can expose. It is brilliant and dim, warm and cold. It is a gift from the Universe.

It is THE LIGHT that has been with us from our Universe's inception.

I am currently located in Austin, Texas. If you have questions or comments about photography, my work or striving to be an artist, please visit my "Contact" page.

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